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Meet Mike Carver

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Profile: Mike Carver

Mike Carver was born in Yorkshire, spent his early childhood in Devon, and was taken back to Yorkshire in time to start his formal education. He now lives on the Kent borders of London with his wife.

Mike Carver

When he left grammar school, he decided a career in accountancy would best suit his scholastic achievements and started training for the necessary qualifications. In less than two years, he had decided that accountancy was probably the most boring job in the world and set out to widen his horizons.

Since then he has worked in many industries including telecommunications, oil, gas, electricity, IT, and motor manufacturing. For more years than he cares to remember, he worked as a technical author producing magazines, user guides and owner handbooks and, although he has been published all over the world, it's always been in the name of the company that hired him - never in his own name. But it was all good writing experience aimed at producing an end result people could understand and enjoy.

Now retired, Mike spends much of his time getting to grips with modern web languages, together with teaching himself to prepare reasonably edible meals and enjoying life with his family.

Mike's work

The Retribution Conspiracy

You can also buy it from Amazon.

The Retribution Conspiracy


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