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Meet Karen Boliver

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Profile: Karen Boliver

Karen Boliver lives in Birmingham and has a full-time job as Company Administrator for a chain of garden centres.

Karen BoliverShe has written short stories for her own amusement since she was a child but she recently tried her hand at internet fan fiction which tied her almost inseparably to her computer keyboard. Like all good authors, she now carries a notepad and pen with her at all times, ready to note down any ideas that come to her mind.

Some while ago, a motorcycle accident left her incapacitated for nearly eight weeks and she began to formulate storylines and characters. After that, she devoted all her spare time to fleshing out her ideas for "Warped", her first novel. Although she burned the candle at both ends, her husband did not divorce her on the grounds of neglect and her three children also seem to take her new passion in their stride, resignedly accepting that Karen would either spend hours scribbling in her note book or tapping away on her computer keyboard!

Outside of her job, her family and her writing, Karen loves cross-country walks and karaoke!

Karen's Work


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