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Meet Julie Ann Hathway

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Profile: Julie Ann Hathway

Julie Ann Hathway lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband, Andrew, and young son, Thomas.

Julie HathwayShy by nature, but with a tremendous sense of humour, Julie enjoys healthy eating (though she does indulge in the occasional Big Mac when it takes her fancy) and she has few hates - flying and spongers being the most prominent. And, oh yes, she hates liver and will not touch it or eat it.

She loves days out with her family and enjoys watching DVDs and listening to music, usually accompanied by a large bottle of Chablis.

Always an avid writer, Julie developed her skills at a very early age and won a few regional school competitions in her home county. Since then, several of her short stories have been published in magazines.

Jacob's Journey, Julie's first novel was launched at Towcester Racecourse with the Jacob's Journey Handicap Hurdle. Julie also did several book signings at Ottakar's in her home town.

She plans to write many more books based on the fantasy world that inspires her plots.

Julie's Work

Jacob's Journey
Jacob's Journey


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