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GoldStar Books welcomes book lovers looking for something different

If you enjoy a good book we have a number of great stories written by new authors. Due to retirement and ill-health, we no longer publish new books and we are not doing any reprints but we do have a stock of paperbacks that we are selling at reduced prices.

Our catalogue includes eBooks and paperbacks and in all cases a single publication can be purchased in either format - sometimes in both. You can make your purchase by visiting our online bookshop but you can also preview the work before you buy. An extract of each book is given on each page and, in the case of eBooks, you can download a free extract - usually the first chapter.

Our aim has always been to publish great fiction written by exciting new authors and we hope you will enjoy these stories.

Some of our titles

Below you can see just a couple of our publications. Click any image to learn more or see the whole range in our bookstore.

The Retribution Conspiracy
Mike Carver

ISBN: 978-1904976-09-7


A father out to revenge his daughter's murder finds he is not alone. Others are determined to ensure nobody escapes justice.

You can also buy it from Amazon.

Algarve Shorts
Ellie Bowdery

ISBN: 978-1904976-16-5


A British couple attempt to settle in the Algarve.

Please browse our website to see our authors, and our books.

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