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Halo and Goodbye by Anonymous Author

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Title: Halo and Goodbye
Genre: Humour
Format: eBook
ISBN: 978-1904976-11-0
Price: £3.95
Reduced to £1.25

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Anonymous author

Darkness, an ancient evil, and Bezhaht, an ambitious angel, both seek to bring about the downfall of Heaven. The former, ever modest in its ambitions, hopes to destroy all Creation, including lamb vindaloo and public holidays. The latter, a fully paid-up member of the Megalomaniac Appreciation Society, seeks to become Emperor of All Things. Both believe the following prophecy: ďA man taken before his time on Earth is up, will step through the Pearly Gates and this step shall herald the End. Heaven shall fall and its battlements will crumble to the ground.Ē All the two dastardly fiends need is a candidate to get them the Heavenly access they require.

Halo & GoodbyeColin Bricksford, a well-meaning but clueless idiot, is selected as the Chosen One and is killed in a contrived accident. Can it be that the prophecy will be fulfilled and all human kind will be doomed?

Cess, a demon and servant of Bezhaht, disguised as an angel, convinces Colinís ghost that he must journey to Heaven in the hopes of convincing the Powers-That-Be to sort out his untimely death. While Colin's only ambition is to get his life back, Cess finds himself getting to like the lad and he begins to question not only his mission but his existence as doer of evil deeds and spreader of discontent.

This is a story that will involve all readers from the first page to the last, no matter what their religious convictions - or even lack of convictions. Written with great style, it has the page-turning qualities of all good books and the author has introduced his own blend of subtle humour.


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