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Survivor's Guide to the Ringer by Rowland McKenzie

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Title: Survivor's Guide to the Ringer
Genre: Anecdotal
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1904976-01-1
Price: 7.99 plus postage
Reduced to 4.95

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James Hastings was just like any other young man starting his adult life; decent job, fanatical interest in rugby, plenty of good pals, lots of booze and a keen eye for the girls - many and often. Then he met Anne and his life started changing. A strong relationship developed. It could even have been a lasting relationship but for the other players who came as part of the deal - Anne's parents, Dora and Bert.

Their influence on Anne never diminished. They ran her life as though she was still living at home and they continually interfered; an act that eventually broke up the relationship because neither James nor Anne were the free agents they wanted to be. When the end came, they each went their separate ways with a newly-developed black side that would obviously have a detrimental effect on later relationships.

And it did.

James returned to his carefree ways and many different women played a part in his life until he met Kate. But the Kate package also included another set of parents who were just as determined to ensure their daughter remained under their control. Although James and Kate tried to break free, they never managed it completely and the relationship eventually floundered.

In both cases, James felt his life had become a card game played against other contestants who were determined never to lose in the battle of wills. And his black side worsened.

When he met Naomi, whose life had always been dominated by her parents, he found she also had a black side. For both, it was a case of should they risk playing the game again?


Survivor's Guide to the Ringer

It was early 1958 and they were again moving south. Their first move had taken them from the north of England to Glasgow, now they were heading for Cheshire and the new house they had chosen to be their first real home.

Jim and Edith Hastings, an ordinary family destined to live long and relatively happy lives, were at the start of what would turn out to be their last move.


At the tender age of four months, young Jim James, as Edith would rather have him known had no idea what the future held in store for him.

Nor for that matter did his parents.

There were no plans then for the two other children they were to be blessed with and none of them knew anything about the girl living in Kenya, or the girl who was shortly to arrive on this earth and move to Australia, or the third girl who was due to be born in the north east of England.

Yet all of them were to have a profound effect on the life and destiny of young James.

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