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Meet Ellie Bowdery

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Profile: Ellie Bowdery

Ellie Bowdery was born in Peckham, London. After she graduated from her local grammar school, she started a job in the City of London working as a clerk for an insurance company. She stayed for eight years until she met and married her husband, affectionately known as Hub, who was a London fire officer. When they started their family they moved out of London and lived in Kent for a number of years.

Ellie Bowdery with husband

When Ellie and Hub reached their early forties, they sold up and moved to the Algarve where Hub bought and ran a small carpentry business while Ellie worked as a gardener. They lived in Lagoa for almost two years and spent another six months in Porches but then they returned to Britain partly because their parents' health was not good, and partly because the recession had badly affected the Portuguese business. Later, they returned to the Algarve to try again but they couldn't make it pay. The family now live near Skegness in Lincolnshire.

Ellie has written two books telling the story of their attempts to settle in Portugal and we have been privileged to publish both of them. Unfortunately, the first book is no longer in print but the second was published in May 2010.

Hub is now medically retired from the Fire Brigade and Ellie, when she is not writing, still works as a part-time gardener. Her other hobbies are playing piano, walking in the country, and reading. Her favourite authors are Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy and H E Bates.

Ellie's Work

Algarve Cover
Algarve Shorts


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