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eBooks are now gaining popularity

We started publishing eBooks in 2002 and sold them from the website of our parent company - Design Publications.

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Unfortunately, the take-up was not good as electronic books in those faraway days could only be read on computer screens using software that worked mainly on Microsoft systems. Because no one had thought of a way to get round the problems, we switched our efforts to publishing paperbacks.

But eBooks are now becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that several major companies have produced pocket-sized electronic readers capable of holding hundreds of books - books that can be downloaded instantly via the internet and enjoyed immediately.


Our eBooks are supplied in ePUB format which can be read on most popular reading devices like those from Sony, KoBo, Nook, etc.

None of our eBooks are protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) so you can download them to your computer and transfer them straight to your reader. No messing with digital rights authentication before you can start reading. We just ask that you remember the authors have worked painstakingly to write their books and they rely on the royalties they get from sales. If you buy an eBook from us, the contents are protected by copyright laws so please do not give or sell copies to anyone else.

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