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Crime, Thrillers, Adventure

The Retribution Conspiracy
Mike Carver

ISBN: 978-1904976-09-7


A father out to revenge his daughter's murder finds he is not working alone. Others are determined to ensure nobody escapes justice. Do the government really have people who right judicial errors?

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Survivor's Guide to the Ringer
Rowland McKenzie

ISBN: 978-1904976-01-1


James Hastings was just like any other young man starting his adult life; decent job, fanatical interest in rugby, plenty of good pals, lots of booze and a keen eye for the girls - many and often. Then he met Anne and his life started changing.


Jacob's Journey
Julie Ann Hathway

ISBN: 978-1904976-02-8


The old manor house has lain empty for almost half a century, its secrets hidden from the world. Within the ruins, the library, largely undisturbed by the passage of time, holds the key to exciting adventures across time and spatial borders.

Horror, Vampires

Karen Boliver

ISBN: 978-1904976-12-7


Elizabeth Bradstone-Royce is given the chance of everlasting life. Her saviour, a beautiful raven-haired vampire, gifts her the means to gain her revenge as one of the undead.


Halo and Goodbye

ISBN: 978-1904976-11-0


Darkness, an ancient evil, and Bezhaht, an ambitious angel, both seek to bring about the downfall of Heaven. The former, ever modest in its ambitions, hopes to destroy all Creation, including lamb vindaloo and public holidays.

True Life

Algarve Shorts
Ellie Bowdery

ISBN: 978-1904976-16-5


Algarve Shorts is a true story about a young British couple's attempts to make a new start in a new country. They had the opportunity, and the inclination, so they set off on the great adventure that took them to the Algarve in Portugal.

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