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The formats we publish

Our speciality is publishing books written by new authors. Generally speaking, large publishing houses are reluctant to take on new authors because that would require strenuous marketing efforts. It's much easier for larger publishers to handle authors who have already made their mark. Their name is known and their work will already have a following.

We publish books in two formats:

Our authors' work is available in one format or the other, sometimes in both.

By selecting one of the options on the sub-menu of this section, you can choose to review books in either format. We devote a single page to each book and a reasonable amount of the content can be read on the page. In the case of our eBooks, you can download a free extract which will usually be the first chapter.

If you decide to purchase, payment can be made through the secure servers of PayPal whenever you click a 'Buy Now' button. On completion of the financial transaction, paperbacks will be despatched within two working days and eBooks can be downloaded immediately.

Please enjoy your browse and remember that many famous authors from the past started their careers this way. Much excellent material comes from the typing fingers of some very talented new authors and we give you the chance to read it.

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